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About Us

The Generative AI Commons is a community-driven open membership non-profit initiative of the Linux Foundation’s AI & Data Foundation and is represented by non-profits, academia and industry in a neutral forum.

Our advisors are industry leaders that offer different perspectives to ensure that we have well rounded representation in the domains of research, ethics, industry, legal and government.

We are shaping the future of generative AI through the democratization of open source and open science with people like you!

Our Mission

To advance the field of generative artificial intelligence by supporting open-source projects, promoting open standards and open science, and fostering responsible AI development.

To create a global community that collaborates, learns, and thrives on the shared principles of AI literacy and ethical AI practices.

To educate the next generation of AI researchers, developers and engineers and prepare users and consumers to be informed on how to work with generative AI.

To represent the community in legislative discussions with a unified voice that ensures open-source generative AI can compete on an equal footing with large black box generative AI products and services.

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