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Building a Responsible and Open
Community for Generative AI

The LF AI & Data Generative AI Commons is dedicated to fostering the democratization, advancement and adoption of efficient, secure, reliable, and ethical Generative AI open source innovations through neutral governance, open and transparent collaboration and education.

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Our Workstreams

The Generative AI Commons is a community-driven open membership initiative with elected chairs and represented by non-profits, academia and industry in a neutral forum. We embrace responsible and trustworthy AI, foster collaboration, promote AI literacy and advocate for our community.

Models and Data Workstream

  • Host Ethical and Trustworthy Models
  • Host Ethical Data Sets and Processing Tools
  • Host Benchmarks and Publish Results
  • Assist Non-Profits in Securing Resources

Applications Workstream

  • Host AI Application Frameworks and Tools
  • Host Database Platforms (vector stores, graph)
  • Host Agent Application Frameworks
  • Publish Interface and Metadata Formats

Frameworks Workstream

Education and Outreach Workstream

  • Offer Generative AI Training and Certification
  • Provide Thought Leadership
  • Perform Academic and Member Outreach
  • Advocate for Open Source AI with Governments

Responsible AI Workstream

  • Responsible AI Framework
  • Security, Privacy and Safety
  • Informing Policy
  • Copyright Issues
  • Model and Data Lineage


We host open source projects that drive generative AI innovation across industries in an ethically responsible way, from models and datasets to vector stores and AI application frameworks.

We encourage the publishing of data sets, and models including source code with weights and biases released under open-source licenses. We promote transparency and recommend that research papers be informal and discuss possible harms and the means to mitigate them.

We are backed by a global community of AI researchers, engineers, data scientists, ethicists and developers and we provide resources and accessible tools that are designed to foster collaboration and empower developers to innovate and build with generative AI while embracing the tenants of Responsible AI.

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The Generative AI Commons is an initiative of the LF AI & Data Foundation democratizing generative AI through the hosting of open-source generative AI models, data sets and applications. We publish open standards and frameworks to support interoperability and to facilitate economies of scale.

We work with industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers to establish and promote Responsible AI principles for open source AI and open science. Our goal is to ensure ethical, transparent, and accountable AI practices that benefit enterprises, industries, non-profits, academia and all of humanity.

We are advancing AI literacy and Responsible AI through education and training programs to assist the community and the public in understanding how to work with generative AI and to understand its benefits and risks.

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